Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Mitchell 4th Graders Read to Feed

Mitchell Students Conclude "Read to Feed" Read-a-thon
Students vote which animal to purchase for Heifer International

    During the month of May, Mitchell Elementary School 4th grade students read their hearts out to reach each of their individual reading goals, and in the process of doing so, raised over $3,500 for Heifer International. Heifer, as it is known, is dedicated to helping alleviate hunger and poverty in undeveloped countries around the world. It sponsors the annual read-a-thon both to raise funds, as well as to educate students about the needs of people living in rural poverty.

    At the end of the month-long read-a-thon, students in each of the four Grade 4 classes voted on what farm animals to purchase with their classes' contributions. (See photo.) The Mitchell students used their money to purchase:
    • 2 cows,
    • 2 water buffalo,
    • 8 goats -- whose number will be tripled because of a contributor's matching funds!
    • 4 llamas,
    • 1 pig,
    • 1 sheep,
    • 8 sets of chicks, and
    • 2 sets of rabbits

    Equally important, the possibility of helping others through reading led many students to accelerate their reading efforts.  One parent put it this way:

"What a success this program has been in my home.  I literally had to take his book away from (him) a few times to get him to go to bed... This program has changed my boy into a passionate reader!" Lisa Bagshaw, Mitchell parent

Congratulations to everybody involved -- teachers, students, and parents -- for their tremendous effort and generosity!

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