Sunday, November 24, 2013

High School Student Evaluated the Bay Colony Rail

Photographs and comments by Andrew Noble, who trekked the proposed bike trail to evaluate obstructions and concerns. 

These pictures were taken along the proposed Bay Colony Rail Trail path, starting at the end near Needham center and heading away finishing near Charles River Street. Overall the main issues with the path at this point are obstructions: trees, downed limbs, shrub growth, etc. The growth becomes denser the further it is from the Needham end (most likely due to less foot traffic). The growth will most likely need to be cleaned out before any construction of the path can be started. Most of this growth is small scale though, and should be easy to remove with a few exceptions that may call for the usage of equipment. Furthermore, there are many houses along the proposed path which may cause some friction with town residents. Many of the houses are set back and away from the trail, but a few are close to the trail and would be able to clearly see the trail. None the less there should be no problem with the land itself. With the exception of a few slightly sloped parts, the trail would have fourteen feet (seven on both sides from center of flat land for construction. (There is one stretch that could cause concern with the width as immediately at seven feet from center the land steeply drops off on both sides)
High Rock Overpass
Nearby Residences
Fallen Branches Obstructing Trail

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