Friday, May 15, 2015

Community Service Learning at Pollard

Second Grade Buddies

On May 7, 2015 cluster 7-5 went to The Newman School to work with the second grade students. Prior to this event, the 7th grade students worked hard in their science classes to write and illustrate age-appropriate stories about evolution. They read these stories to the 2nd graders and took the opportunity to get to know other students outside their grade level. After completing the stories the 7th graders then helped the 2nd graders create a poem about their favorite place, and accompanied them on stage as the second graders presented their stories to everyone. Overall it was an enjoyable day which allowed the students to take leadership responsibilities and work with other students they would not normally see throughout the course of a typical day. Mr. Bayse, the assistant principal at Newman, expressed he was very impressed with the multi-age activity and hopes that Pollard continues it in the future.

Seventh Grade Walk-a-thon

On May 7th, Cluster 7-3 organized a fundraiser Walk-a-thon at DeFazio Field to benefit LoveLane, a therapeutic horseback riding program that helps children with special needs.
Prior to the Walk-a-thon, Sally Spiers, Director at Lovelane, came to Pollard to speak with the cluster about their program.

On the same day, Cluster 7-4 organized a fundraiser Walk-a-thon at DeFazio Field to benefit the Needham Community Council, a non-profit organization that supports people in need within the Needham community. The organization provides a variety of different programs that support all ages including a food pantry, thrift shop, a courtesy van, and tutoring. Following the event, a member of the Needham Community Council will meet with the cluster to speak more about their organization.

Both clusters enjoyed the beautiful sunny day, spending time with friends, and raising money for good causes. Cluster 7-4 walked over 210 miles!

Seventh Grade Community Service Learning Projects

Scholarship, Citizenship, Community, and Personal Growth are the fundamental values embedded in an education at the Needham Public School district and Pollard Middle School’s Cluster 7-1 showed an uncanny devotion to these values through their 7th grade Community Service Learning Project.  By partnering with Lifeworks, the teachers of 7-1 hoped to raise awareness for the need to give support to adults with developmental disabilities.  Lifeworks is an organization that looks to empower their clients, allowing them to lead meaningful lives within their communities.  7-1 was eager to help out, starting their day with the students watching a clip from the television show “What Would You Do?” which highlighted the prejudice faced by many disabled adults within the community.  Immediately following the brief introduction, students had the opportunity to meet some of the Lifeworks staff and clients in order to learn about the organization. The educational meet and greet was followed by pictures, a picnic lunch, and ample opportunity for students to make personal connections with all those involved.  At the end of the day students, teachers, and Lifeworks employees all built strong connections and a foundation for future relationships focused around community service. 

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