Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Hillside's Water Project in 6th year!

Hillside Buddies:  Mr. Goneconto's Grade 2 Class teams up with Mrs. Katz's Grade 4 class for the Water Project

Amy Cicala’s 4th grade and George Goneconto’s 2nd grade classes had been buddy classes for the last eight years.  Six years ago, they were interested in introducing a central theme to unify their buddy class program.  Water awareness and conservation is their theme. The Buddy Water project is in its 6th year and we are very happy to welcome Mrs. Katz’s fourth grade class this year (as you may already know Mrs. Cicala retired last year).

A water curriculum was specifically designed as a series of lessons to introduce students to personal, community and global water usage, and water conservation.  Character enhancing traits of empathy and social responsibility are infused in the lessons.  The school year culminates in a service learning project, to support the UNICEF Tap Project and Typhoon Yolanda Relief Effort, Philippines.

Our intent is to raise the students' awareness of where water comes from, how it gets to them and, also the value of conservation.  We end the year with a service learning project wherein the students' will introduce the UNICEF Water Tap Project to the Needham community and another Charity group with a focus on Water.   The last five buddy classes raised over $6000.

Earth Day Water Project Presentation

Mr. G and Mrs. Katz's buddy classes

Water Chant

Learning about water

Visitng the water plant

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