Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Eliot Green Kids

2013 -2014 John Eliot Green Kids

For the past eight years, Eliot has been very fortunate to have parent Lisa Gordon head up a group of fifth graders called The Green Kids. She founded this program with the intent of teaching the kids about environmental changes that they can make and bring home ideas that will bring about changes. Their motto has been "Small changes make a big difference." This year's theme was Green Eating.

Some of the programs that the Green Kids have done are the Nike Reuse-a-Shoe used sneaker collection.  In each of the past six years of collecting old sneakers they have donated more than 1200 pairs that will have new life as play surfaces around the globe. They have also made numerous "No Idling, Please" signs that have been hung up by the car line, learned about wind power through matchbox car races using their own wind power by blowing through straws, and the value of healthy snacks by making recipes using several kinds of fruits and other healthy ingredients.

Earth Week in April is the highlight of the year for the Green Kids. A pet from the World Wildlife Fund that somehow relates to this year's theme is symbolically adopted and at the Earth Day Assembly, the school learns of the name that has been chosen for the animal.  Teachers are given an informational sheet with facts about the animal to share with their students. Through a naming contest, our pet is named and the classroom with the winning name gets to keep a stuffed representation of the animal in their classroom. There is a recycled art show that all the students are invited to create and display a project made solely out of recycled materials that relates to the theme of the year. Typically 35-40 works of recycled art are displayed. Classroom teachers are invited to save energy by working in a lights off classroom for at least 30 minutes for one day.  Sudbury Farms donates apples so every kid celebrates Eliot’s Earth Day with a healthy snack. Earth Day is always a walk to school day.  Walkers sign a recognition board which is displayed in the lobby. The students learn a song or two which is performed at the Earth Day assembly.  In addition, all of the 5th grade Green Kids perform a presentation based on the theme of the year at the Earth Day assembly.

Over the years, Green Kids has sponsored programs at the library and has brought in speakers for town-wide parent educational programs.  Green Kids Eliot has been recognized by the state for its work at the school.

Our sincere gratitude goes out to Mrs. Lisa Gordon for all that she has done in educating Eliot fifth graders about the benefits of being "Green". 

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