Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Broadmeadow's Crayola ColorCycle Program

Broadmeadow second graders have been hard at work collecting over-used and dried out Crayola markers ​from classrooms around the school.  As part of the Crayola ColorCycle program, students learned about how recycling Crayola markers, instead of tossing them in the trash, protects their environment. Groups of second graders visited classrooms during Morning Meetings and shared their important message. Energy can be made from markers ready to be discarded! Classrooms watched a video that showed how t
he markers 
 be sent to a facility where they 
 be converted into clean fuel. 
​Students learned that t
his fuel can 
​then ​
be used to power vehicles, heat homes, cook meals and more!

​Broadmeadow second grader teachers want to ​
hank everyone who 
​participated in this Service Learning adventure by ​
 Crayola markers to recycle!  
 collected 1528 markers to send back for recycling
  These markers will be converted into about 5 gallons of fuel!  That is enough fuel to drive an SUV about 70 miles.  The second graders really enjoyed this project and have voted to collect markers again in June

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