Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Broadmeadow's Loose Change for Peru

The fourth graders at Broadmeadow Elementary
​ have taken part in the Loose Change fundraiser for the past two school years.  The fundraiser arose out of the Primary Source trip to Peru that 
fourth grade teachers, ​
Amy Flax and Sue Nealon went on during the summer of 2013.  ​Ms. Nealon and ​Ms. Flax were inspired to raise money for remote villages in Peru based upon work being done by one of the trip leader, Daniel Fernandez.  Daniel travels to Peru each summer with Wayland Middle ​School students to build school and bring ​needed ​supplies.

​Last year, Broadmeadow ​
ourth graders learned about Peru through images from the teacher's trip as well as during 
​science ​
unit on Explorers.  
​to talk about the Pennies for Peru drive.  ​
 showed a video to inspire the 
 to get involved.  Each child in the school was given a zip lock bag to find and bring in Loose Change
​, and each classroom was given a jar to collect donations in​
.  Daniel 
​Fernandez ​
came in and showed the fourth 
​ classes
 a video 
​on his work in Peru ​
and gave them more information
​ about the good this drive is doing​
. Some kids emptied their piggy banks, others cajoled relatives and some raised money in other ways.  Over $2000.00 was raised

During this school year, (
ear 2) we were able to invite fifth graders and fourth graders to an assembly with Daniel.  He was able to show them the supplies purchased with money raised being brought to villages.  It was very powerful. The 5th graders had a special part in this too and raised a significant amount through a chall
nge from their teachers.  This year over $3300.00 was raised

It does take a village and also it takes a school.  This project has been very meaningful for students and teachers alike.  
​The fourth grade team at Broadmeadow
 plan to carry on 
​this Service Learning project for ​
as long as Daniel is 
 his good work in Peru.

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